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Matt Pitt's attorneys hope new witness will help his case

Matt Pitt in a previous court appearance. Source: WBRC video Matt Pitt in a previous court appearance. Source: WBRC video
Matt Pitt. Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office Matt Pitt. Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Youth evangelist Matt Pitt has three new attorneys and they say there is a new witness that has come forward in his case. They're hoping this new witness will help their client get out of jail.

Pitt's new attorneys are Carmella Penn, Brian Ritchey, and Nikki Bonner. Bonner is a well-known attorney based out of Atlanta, GA.

Pitt's attorneys tell FOX6 News they filed a new affidavit in Shelby County on March 19. The affidavit includes testimony from Brad Lunsford. Lunsford was with Brandon Vessels when they encountered Matt Pitt and his cousin, Bailey Little, on a four-wheeler in the woods near Lunsford and Vessels' homes in Jefferson County on June 15, 2013.

Vessels has testified in the past that during his conversation with Pitt in the woods, Pitt flashed a badge indicating he was a law enforcement officer with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

According to the new affidavit, Lunsford says Pitt never acted in a way to make him think he was a police officer.

Pitt's attorneys say Lunsford has been thinking about coming forward for a while and now he's ready to step out on his own and give his account of what happened in the woods that day.

Pitt is in the Shelby County Jail for a probation violation. He was charged in Jefferson County with impersonating a peace officer in connection to the June 15, 2013 incident.

Pitt pleaded guilty to a similar charge in Shelby County in 2012 and was placed on unsupervised probation for two years. His June 2013 arrest broke the terms of his probation, so Pitt ended up back in jail in Shelby County in August 2013. He has served about seven months in jail since then.

Shelby County District Attorney Robby Owens said he gave Pitt a chance to continue his ministry by offering probation after his first arrest, but Pitt continued his behavior.

Owens says the new information coming from Lunsford will not have an impact on the case because Pitt pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. Lunsford also never testified in Pitt's trial in Shelby County.

According to Owens, Pitt has about 30 days left in his sentence to serve in jail.

Pitt's attorneys say they plan to file the same affadavit in Jefferson County court, but Patrick Lamb with the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office says they have not yet done so.

Lamb says Pitt has made bond in Jefferson County, so once he's out of jail in Shelby County he will be free.

Pitt's case hasn't gone before a grand jury in Jefferson County. He could face more jail time if he is indicted in Jefferson County for impersonating a peace officer.

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