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Immunizations could be mandated for Ohio daycare centers

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Ohio is the only state in the nation that does not require immunization at its day care centers, which is something of a mystery to Cindy Modie at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

"It is very surprising that we are the only state," says Modie.

Dr. Lolitia McDavid with Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital says the immunization mandate at day care centers is needed because of something called critical mass.

"There is a critical mass which if you don't have enough kids immunized that disease does pop back up," says Dr. McDavid.

The Health Department identifies five beneficiaries from mandated child care immunization, beginning with children with pre-existing medical conditions, who cannot be immunized because they have a chronic health condition.

Other beneficiaries are:  all the other children at the daycare, the staff there, as well as all of their families and the fifth beneficiary would be the over health of the entire community at large.

Currently children are immunized before they go to school but Dr. McDavid says a greater measure is needed. "We shouldn't have to wait until children start school and then they are mandated to be immunized."

One legislator plans to introduce a bill this spring, which if it became law would require immunizations in all of the state's day care centers.

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