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Your Week in Viral Videos: Terrycloth on the nether regions

Two naked French guys perform tricks with strategically placed towels. (Source: Jean Pierre Holleder/YouTube) Two naked French guys perform tricks with strategically placed towels. (Source: Jean Pierre Holleder/YouTube)

(RNN) – Who doesn't want to crush stuff with a tank?

The biggest obstacle in crushing stuff with a tank is getting a tank. Fortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered up his personal tank to anyone who wants to crush stuff. On the menu: A piano, a giant egg, Bubble Wrap and a smaller tank.

But it's not just about crushing stuff with a tank. It's a good way to support a charity, get a free trip to Los Angeles, smoke a cigar with the Terminator and for "a high probability that this will be the best day of your life," according to the website.

OK, it is just about crushing stuff with a tank.

If this is the first time you're hearing about this, you missed out. The raffle ended Friday.

Ne déposez pas la serviette

Other countries are much more refined than the United States. When it comes to fine art, theatre and entertainment, Europe has a leg up on the Western world.

Take this piece of performance art, for example. It represents life itself. It's everything you've ever been and wanted to be. It's ephemeral. It's transcendent. It's utopian.

Nah, it's just two naked French dudes doing tricks with their towels. (WARNING: Video contains crowd shots of old ladies internally cheering for a mishap.)

Bye-bye Miss American Pi

Pi is a universally reviled thing because the only things it is associated with are math and drunk frat bros.

But Friday was Pi Day, where we celebrate … something? Eating pie, maybe? Who really knows?

But pi, the Greek letter and mathematical constant, is much more complex as this math genius, fast-talking internet voice over artist and connoisseur of multicolored magic markers so eloquently points out.


How to find Mr. OK

Dating is hard. You have to find somebody you actually like, then hope they like you while you're trying to be both yourself and likeable at the same time. It's a pain.

In fact, it's such a pain that people just give up. That's where the world's most honest dating site comes in. is for people who have come to the realization that somebody – anybody – is better than nobody.

It's perfect for anyone looking for a warm body, a guy who gives you leaves instead of flowers or wanting to move in with a guy who knows the history of the electric chair.

Animal of the week

Some people just refuse to wake up. No matter what you do, all they want to do is sleep their life away. Nothing wakes them up.

Until now.

Introducing … Your DogTM. Yes, you heard right. Your DogTM is nature's most effective alarm clock. When your boyfriend is sleeping late and you want him to wake up, use Your DogTM. Your DogTM has a patented blend of energy, weight, sharp claws and desire to capture a little green light that is scientifically proven to get that lazy dude on his feet.

But wait, there's more. Call now and you can get this video making device absolutely free. That's a piece of equipment of undisclosed value, and it's yours absolutely free. Don't delay. Order Your DogTM today. (Laser pointer not included.)

More stuff for when you're bored

President Barack Obama did a funny interview with Zach Galifianakis. It's all over everything, but here it is again just in case this is the first time all week you've opened the internet.

In other political nonsense, Mitch McConnell's staff cobbled together all the b-roll footage of the senator they could find and put it into one really creepy video that is supposed to double as a campaign ad. It made John Stewart irrationally happy.

Magic is cool. Until you find out it's all fake and was orchestrated by a guy in a bear suit.

Kissing a stranger can be awkward, though all of these people are attractive, so it's more awkward than it should be. Perhaps that's because they were all actors participating in a clothing ad. It was a great video until that was revealed.

If you're planning to get drunk, going to a fancy-pants place where some dude parks your car for you is not the worst place to do it. Those guys won't give you your keys back if you are wasted … or really good at pretending to be wasted. Tip your valets, people.

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