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Lucas County Sheriff tickets some driving during Level 3 snow emergency

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's illegal for anyone not considered essential personnel to be driving during a level 3 snow emergency.

Lucas County was under a level 3 most of the day Wednesday, and sheriff's deputies were out pulling over drivers.

"Lucas County is under a level three snow emergency so I'm checking to see why you're out and about driving around," Deputy Christopher Archer told one driver.

Archer says the goal is to keep everyone safe.

"We are in fact pulling people over, seeing what they're doing, issuing citations. We take this seriously and we want the public to take this seriously as well," said Archer.

During our ride along with deputies, they stopped another law enforcement officer headed home from work, and a nurse headed to work. Both are consider essential personnel.

Deputies also stopped a coupling driving home from the hospital. Though they weren't technically supposed to be on the roads, deputies gave them a warning because of the circumstances.

Archer says he only issued one citation on Wednesday. That was to a man who got stuck in the snow driving home from the grocery store.

"We can't do our jobs as effectively if we're constantly helping people get out of ditches and responding to people getting stuck in the roadway," said Archer.

Archer says for the most part, Lucas County residents did a good job staying off the roads and staying safe Wednesday.

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