Kama, Hawaii's surfing pig, takes to the sky

Kama, Hawaii's surfing pig, takes to the sky
Photo courtesy: Kai Holt
Photo courtesy: Kai Holt

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You've probably heard of the phrase, "When pigs fly".... Well what about when pigs parasail?

Kama, Hawaii's surfing pig, took to the skies with his owner Kai Holt for a parasailing adventure on Saturday morning.

Despite rainy conditions delaying their departure, the crew set sail from the Ala Wai Harbor around 10 a.m.

"It was great, he really loved it," Holt said. "It's peaceful up there, he got to see some whales and everything."

Holt discovered Kama while on a family camping trip at Bellow's Beach a few months ago.

He named the pig Kamapua'a. A few weeks later they were walking around his backyard pool when Kama fell in. Turns out Kama loved the water.

Soon enough, the pair were heading to Sandy Beach and Kama was jumping on Holt's standup paddle board.

After Saturday's parasailing adventure, it looks like the ocean is not the only place Kama enjoys to be in. Holt says Kama enjoyed his time in the sky.

Kama is sponsored by various companies. He gets free boards from Costco and a Go Pro camera from the Bike Factory. The pig even has his own facebook and instagram accounts.

With surfing and parasailing checked off his to-do list, Kama is looking for his next adventure to conquer.

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