Red Cross Hero - Ray Moody

Red Cross Hero - Ray Moody

(HawaiiNewsNow) - It's the spirit of Ray Moody that strikes you first. If a doughnut or an ice cream sundae can bring out a smile like that then he's doing something right with his life.

This retiree credits part of it to the Red Cross Hawaii. He is the Oahu Red Cross Disaster Team Captain taking emergency calls at all hours of the day and he's known to show up on the scene of a disaster, even when he's not on duty.

"We usually get a call at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning for my team. It's after midnight and I jump up, collect the information and I'm wide awake. How can that be? I'm retired. I don't have to get up like that. I don't have to do this stuff why in the world would i do that" says Moody.

"There's somehow some satisfaction. A really deep satisfaction in being able to take care of people who need it. Our services are really limited but they're really important for those people."

With a name like "Moody", you wouldn't think he would have such a positive attitude. But he does and it's what's helped earn him the distinction of Oahu Volunteer of the Year. We congratulate him for the honor.

We still want to know why he's wearing this red wig. Congratulations, Ray Moody.