Another round of big surf, but no major damage

Another round of big surf, but no major damage

NORTH SHORE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Big surf pounded the north and west shores of the islands again over the weekend, and while conditions weren't right for surfing, the big waves still drew big crowds to Oahu's North Shore.

Skies were gray and the surf was mushy at Sunset Beach Sunday. While there were no surfers there, a lot of visitors were once against drawn by the beauty and danger of Mother Nature.

"I think it's pretty amazing," said first-time Hawaii visitor Heather Wilson of Arizona. "I'm originally from Orange County (California), but I've never seen waves like this. So it's really neat to see them."

Even for frequent visitors to the islands, the big waves are still a draw, even if they have seen them before on previous visits.

"It's like looking at it for the first time for me. You know, it never gets old," said Yul Hill of British Columbia, Canada, who has visited Hawaii seven or eight times.

"No it doesn't (get old)," added his wife, Bev. "It's beautiful. You could look at it and listen to it forever."

"I love it," said Mike Samson of Washington state. "It makes me want to go out there, but they won't let me. There's this red strip in the way."

The red strip of red warning tape that closed off Sunset Beach, where the busy big wave season has washed out much of the sand, and where the shorebreak rushed up to within a few feet of the sidewalk at high tide.

The only spot where there were some surfable waves was at Waimea Bay, where a few pros were spotted in the lineup. Many other spectators jammed the shoreline.

Despite the big waves, the city's Ocean Safety Division said Sunday was a quiet and slow day for lifeguards, with no major rescues or injuries reported from the surf.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service extended a high surf warning for the north and west shores of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu and Molokai, and north shore of Maui until 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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