Lanai plane crash investigation continues despite rainy conditions

Lanai plane crash investigation continues despite rainy conditions

Lanai (Hawaii News Now) - Federal officials with the National Transportation Safety Board will remov the remainder of the wreckage from the deadly Lanai plane crash on Saturday.

Officials moved the wreckage from the plane crash site to a secure facility where investigators will continue to examine the items.

The chartered flight carrying five Maui County employees, crashed moments after attempting to take off from the Lanai airport Wednesday night. Two Maui County officials and the plane's pilot were killed, two other employees were critically injured, and a sixth person suffered serious injuries.

On Saturday, Two NTSB investigators from California examined the engines and debris from the wreckage to figure out what caused the twin-engine Piper to go down. The NTSB says the debris field was 500 feet long.

Although rain was forecasted to moved into the Lanai area, officials say the weather did not hinder their investigation on Saturday.

"Our investigators deal quite frequently with a variety of challenging terrain and weather conditions," Peter Knudson of the NTSB says. "Obviously they prefer nice dry sunny skies but if it's raining they're used to dealing with that. They'll certainly be able to gather the information they need in any weather."

The plane did not have black box recorders and no other recording devices were found.

An NTSB official said the investigation efforts should be completed by Monday.

"We will have a preliminary report out with the facts and the circumstances that we have within 10 days of the accident, so within about 2 weeks," Knudson said.

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