Family grieves for plane crash victims

Family grieves for plane crash victims

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The families of the fatal plane crash on Lanai that killed three people and injured three others are waiting for answers on what happened, but today they continued the grieving process.

"It's a terrible thing and we're all just terribly shocked and devastated," said Heather Shannon, Kathleen Kern's sister.

Kathleen Kern's sister says the family is shattered by her death in Wednesday's plane crash. Kern was the youngest of 8 kids. Siblings say she was a bit more privileged than her siblings as the youngest often is.

"She sent me an email four days ago and she was extremely happy about things that were going on so that was wonderful to get that message from her," said Shannon.

Kern was born in Canada. She never married or had children. She did earn several degrees and loved swimming, cooking and being with family and friends. She wasn't fond of flying, but she did have a passion for her work and the Lanai projects.

"We wanted to put that out there for folks to think about," said Kern, speaking at a Lanai planning meeting last year.

"She loved it. She loved the community involvement and trying to work with the community to come up with a plan. That was something she did well," said Shannon.

The three employees hurt in the crash remain hospitalized, including Doug Miller who wrote on his Facebook page the day before the crash about seeing whales from his office. He, James Giroux and Mark King were flown to Queens Medical Center, where they are still being treated.

It's not set yet, but Lanai residents say they are planning a memorial type service with Maui county employees for next Friday.

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