Nowhere to go ... at Maunalua Bay

Nowhere to go ... at Maunalua Bay

HAWAII KAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The last time people could use the bathrooms at Maunalua Bay Beach Park, Mufi Hannemann was mayor and the hit show "Lost" was still on television.

"Its outrageous. It takes four years to replace a bathroom at a major recreational facility. I think to me it shows all what's wrong with government," said state Sen. Sam Slom, R-Hawaii Kai.

"After all it's a restroom. It's not a rocket launching pad. It's a restroom."

The city boarded up the facility in February 2010 because of an outdated cesspool system and promised to complete the project by January 2013.

But three months after that deadline, the city said it needed permission to build a sewer line crossing a state highway and private land.

But a year after that explanation, there's hardly any sign of progress.

"I wouldn't think it's too difficult to get a bathroom working," said Kuliouou resident Chris French.

"It would just nice ... to be able to use the restroom as opposed to walking a quarter of a mile -- half a mile -- up the road to use the bathroom."

Right now, park goers only have the use of two port-a-potties.

"Last week was pretty gross. It was filled up to the top all dry and it hadn't been treated," said downtown resident Sean Donnelly.

"It would be nice to have more public restrooms instead of having to use these all the time."

The problem is especially bad on the weekends when hundreds of boaters, canoe paddlers... and stand up paddle boarders use the park.

"This place is super crowded now. Now the boat ramp traffic is pretty much like now the parking lot is filled every weekend," said Many Kulukulualani, who organizes one-man canoe races.

We reached out to the city, which had no response.

The Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board will discuss the matter at its next meeting, a meeting that sure to be packed with park users, who are fed up with having to hold it in.

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