Three little piggies pose a problem in Newtown

Three little piggies pose a problem in Newtown
Gayle Ayakawa
Gayle Ayakawa

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Most of the feral pigs around Oahu stay in the forest. But three little pigs have decided to make a Newtown Estates back yard above Aiea as their hangout.

The pigs are about three months old. Gayle Ayakawa said they adopted her and her back yard.

"They're like puppies," she said. "They wag their tail all the time. When I come home they come greeting me."

The three are what's left of a family that included a mama pig, a younger pig and six baby pigs that started showing up occasionally last December. 

Arakawa believes the mama pig may have been killed in the forest conservation area behind her home, where hunting is allowed.

The three pigs seem to think that Ayakawa is their new mom. But neighbors know that they don't belong here.

"It was really fun at first," said neighbor Kristyn Fujimoto. "They were so cute and there were a bunch of them. Now they're really big and they're causing a lot of trouble with people and their property."

Ayakawa believes the pigs are too used to people to be taken back into the wild.

"I called the zoo to see what could be done," said Ayakawa. "they told me to contact Humane Society. I did. The person at Humane Society said if I bring them over, they'll receive them."
The Humane Society has adopted out a pot bellied pig as a pet, but wasn't aware of any wild pigs being put up for adoption.

Ayakawa's frustration had been growing until she saw a story about a surfing pig on Hawaii News Now. She and neighbors figured that if Kai Holt took in Kamapua'a as part of his family, maybe someone else was interested in these three pigs for something other than their next meal.

"We saw the surfing pig, so you never know," said Fujimoto. "They might have special talents, too. That would be nice."

Ayakawa is hoping someone will want to care for them, but with one big condition.

"They have to promise that -- like Kai says -- that they won't end up on the dinner plate. That they'll be pets."

Anyone interested can send an e-mail by clicking here.

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