Petition asks Governor to get involved with high profile Maui cases

Petition asks Governor to get involved with high profile Maui cases

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A petition posted on calls for Hawaii's Governor to help with two missing persons cases on Maui.

Moreira 'Mo' Monsalve has been missing since January 12th and Carly 'Charli' Scott has been missing since February 9th.  The cases are not connected and Maui Police say both women's ex-boyfriends are 'persons of interest'.  But family members of Mo are frustrated that she has not been found after six weeks, and the ex-boyfriend has left the state.

"I do feel like the MPD needs a little help," says Alexis Felicilda, Mo's daughter, "I do feel the FBI has handled more of these cases."

At a public meeting in Kihei Tuesday night, Maui's Police Chief, Gary Yabuta, seemed insulted that the issue repeatedly came up.  He quickly defended his department.

"I believe in my officers, I believe in my investigators, I believe in my captain, I believe in my lieutenant," says Chief Yabuta.

Yabuta also revealed that his department is in close contact with federal agents and have a good relationship with them.

"If I need them, they will be with us," said Chief Yabuta, "In fact, they have already given us information.  So we are not ignoring the FBI by any means."

The petition is gaining momentum online but it's simply symbolic of participants' frustration.  A state governor cannot call in the feds, only the MPD has jurisdiction and only MPD can ask for agents to intervene.  Even the FBI thinks their involvement is premature.

"The FBI has been speaking with Maui Police about this case, and based on our conversations, active FBI involvement is not needed at this time," says FBI spokesman Tom Simon, "We will continue to dialog with Maui police, and if they need FBI agents working the case, we will be happy to assist."

Felicilda understands the issues with jurisdiction.  She hopes the governor could possibly convince the MPD to make the request.

While Mo's family is anxious for the feds to jump in, Charli's family is not.

A statement issued Friday said the family has complete faith in the MPD.

"They are working hard, long hours and sacrificing time with their own families to assist our family in this difficult time. For that, we are deeply grateful," the statement continues, "We are asking the Maui community to join us in our support of the police and their efforts."

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