Charli Scott's family thanks ex-boyfriend for cooperating with Maui police

MAKAWAO, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Family members of missing five-month pregnant Carly "Charli" Scott are discouraging the community from "unfairly judging" Steven Capobianco, the ex-boyfriend and last person to have seen Scott before she disappeared.  The family also expressed gratitude for his continued cooperation with Maui police, who officially named the 24-year-old father of Scott's unborn child a person of interest this week.  In an exclusive interview with Hawaii News Now -- Capobianco has denied any involvement in Charli's disappearance.

Statement from the Family of Charli Scott:

The Family of Charli Scott would like to thank the Maui Police for their tireless efforts in the investigation of Charli's disappearance.  We want to clear up any rumors or misconceptions that we are displeased with the efforts of the police.  They are working hard, long hours and sacrificing time with their own families to assist our family in this difficult time.  For that, we are deeply grateful.  We are asking the Maui community to join us in our support of the police and their efforts.  We have complete faith in our police and know that they will call upon whatever law enforcement resources they need to find our Charli.  The police have treated our family with kindness and dignity every step of the way and kept us apprised of case developments as appropriate.  Our community is lucky to have them looking after us.

We'd also like to clear the air about rumors surrounding Charli's ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco.  Steven has been identified by police as a "person of interest" in this case because he was one of the last people to see Charli before her disappearance.  Importantly, the police have not named him as a suspect in her disappearance.  The family is aware that Steven has met with Maui police and has been fully cooperative in their investigation.  We want to express our gratitude for Steven for his continued cooperation.  We also want to discourage the community from harming, threatening, or unfairly judging Steven.  This is a difficult time for him as well, and he also deserves the compassion of the community.  His continued cooperation may be the key to solving this mystery and any mistreatment of Steven is counterproductive to our shared goal of getting to the truth.

Finally, we want to thank the people of Maui – and beyond – for their support to our family during this time of fear and uncertainty.  Your thoughts and prayers are felt and greatly appreciated.  We want to encourage the public to keep talking, calling in tips, and forming search parties.  We don't want Charli's disappearance fading into history unsolved.  We also want to echo the police's wish that if any possible evidence is discovered by community volunteers, please preserve the crime scene and call the authorities for proper evidence retrieval and crime scene investigation.


The Family of Charli Scott

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