Charli Scott's family reacts to Maui PD's first public update on pregnant woman's disappearance

Charli Scott's family reacts to Maui PD's first public update on pregnant woman's disappearance
Carly "Charli" Scott
Carly "Charli" Scott
Kimberlyn (Scott's mother)
Kimberlyn (Scott's mother)

KIHEI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the first time since she disappeared, family members of missing pregnant woman Charli Scott did not organize a volunteer search party on Maui Wednesday. Instead, they spent the day together regrouping and preparing for what they're calling a long road ahead.

"We're trying to consolidate and make sure that our future efforts that we make are to our best advantage so that we can bring her home," Scott's mother, Kimberlyn, said.

Kim says after the first public announcement from the Maui Police Department Tuesday, the family is trying to adjust to new facts and a lot of uncertainty.

"It's impossible to describe my emotions. I'm terrified we won't find Charli and I'm terrified we will," Kim said.

"People say this to me all the time, 'I know she's going to come home, you know she's still going to come home' and to be honest, that's a really hard hope to keep in the face of what we've seen and what we feel inside, but I really, really want people to keep picturing her home healthy and holding her baby," Kim said.

Family members say their biggest realization following Maui PD's public update on the disappearance of 27-year-old Scott is there will be no clear timeframe on what to expect next.

"We're trying to learn to pace ourselves,because obviously this is not a search that's going to end right away. I mean, we would have liked it to but it's going to take some time obviously and we're trying to encourage people who've been out there going day after day to start pacing themselves because this may be going on for a long time," Kim said.

Scott's family says they have been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers throughout the Maui community, many of whom have tirelessly shown up each day to comb through the rough terrain along Hana Highway and other search areas.

"The experience we've had with the community has been incredible. There's no way to repay. There's no way to really put it in words. A homeless gentleman walked up to me and gave me his last $10. We tried to give it back -- all of us tried to give it back -- and he just refused and I mean that's -- that meant so much. It really, really does. These are people I have no face, no name -- they don't want publicity, they don't want anything but to help bring her home. It's through their generosity period that we are going to be able to get more done. We're very appreciative," Kim explained.

Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta says volunteer searchers have played a critical role. He asks the public to trust his officers are working skillfully and with just as much determination.

"I know the families and the friends of these two missing women and all the community is frustrated and rightfully so. We share in your frustration, but we are determined to find the truth of these matters. My people, I'm so very proud of them and I know they're taking a lot of criticism and as the chief I take criticism, but my people shouldn't because my officers, my investigators, my detectives and my civilian staff and our County Government our Fire Department --all our people who are working for the County of Maui -- we're all working together and very hard on these particular matters. It's something that doesn't happen often in our community. We are a safe community, but unfortunately it does and we're doing our best together. I share in your frustrations, but please believe in the Maui Police Department," Chief Yabuta said.

Charli's mom says the family is grateful for the dedication Maui PD has pledged to the case.

Out of respect for Charli and the love she says her daughter had for Steven Capobianco, the father of Charli's unborn child, Kim wouldn't comment on word from police that ex-boyfriend Capobianco is officially a person of interest.

Kim says the family wants to make sure the right person is held accountable for any possible wrongdoing.

"I would accept anything if she just came home," Kim said.

A $10,000 reward is being offered through CrimeStoppers for any information leading to Charli's whereabouts. Maui Police ask residents continue to call in credible tips and notify officials immediately if they think they've discovered possible evidence.

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