Family reunited after lengthy immigration process

Family reunited after lengthy immigration process
Jaclyn Kana Ntow, Terry Ntow & their son Mikel
Jaclyn Kana Ntow, Terry Ntow & their son Mikel

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Airports are good for reunions and this one was especially emotional. It's a follow to a story we brought you last year of a Kailua woman now reunited with her husband.

This is the story of firsts. The first time Terry Ntow got off a plane. The first time he has been out of Africa and in America. The first time meeting his in-laws. And best of all the first time meeting his son Mikel.

"Kel, this is your Daddy. Are you happy?" said Jaclyn Kana Ntow, to her son as Terry held him.

Jaclyn and Terry met in Ghana Africa. They fell in love, got married and pregnant. She returned to Kailua to give birth after contracting malaria, typhoid fever and a parasite. After 10 months of going through immigration Terry is here.

"He looks like you," said Terry to Jaclyn.

"More like you," responded Jaclyn.

"I'm so happy to give you a hug. I love you," said Terry.

"Did I shrink or did you grow?" asked Jaclyn.

"I feel like I'm so tall," said Terry.

"You grew. I shrunk. Having a baby does that to you," laughed Jaclyn.

All the wondering about this moment is now reality.

"I felt like smiling. I felt like crying. I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I mean is this really you? Are you really here?" said Jaclyn Ntow.

"It's me," responded Terry.

"I feel like he knows me already. Because the way he was looking at my face. At one point I was thinking what if I come and he doesn't even recognize me or starts crying when I hold him and as you can see he's not even crying," said Terry Ntow, as he held his son.

All those difficult days, the time on hold with the government, they're all forgotten.

"You've helped so much. We're so grateful. This could have been a much longer process we know. We feel very blessed. All along the way we feel there have been angels placed in our path who have done such wonderful things to help us," said Jaclyn.

"The moral is to stick with it. Of course when you're talking about love and family we all want everything to be immediate but the truth of the system like Immigration is it takes months to process and application and make sure everything is legal," said Marie Sebrechts, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Spokesperson. "It's very exciting when we see families reunited this way."

Now the couple is enjoying the first of many laughs together as a family.

And happily ever after begins. Jaclyn is already back to teaching kindergarten in Waimanalo and Terry has the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in business administration. Now they'll decide if he is going to continue his education or look for work.

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