Vandals ruin dozens of Kailua parking meters

Vandals ruin dozens of Kailua parking meters 6pm

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dozens of parking meters at a busy Kailua lot have been vandalized with a sticky substance creating all sorts of problems.

Kailua Square is the lot used in part by Cinnamon's Restaurant and many other businesses. It looks like the vandals used caulking adhesive. The big question will be how deep they got it into the coin well.

"It's stuck," said a woman trying to feed the meter. "It says fail."

Coin confusion created by caulk.

"That's gross," said Carley Egger, of Waianae.

Spiteful vandals jammed up the parking meters with the sticky substance.

"It's very disturbing," said Darci Van Etten.

"I think it's ridiculous," said Larry Metcalf.

Preventing people from paying.

"I think it's just childish all around," said Metcalf.

Some tried to help.

"So when we got here, I don't know there was white gunk and we were trying to clean it off with a stick," said Lanui Leslie, from the Big Island.

Whacking the meter didn't help. Some ultra law abiding citizens left a coin on top. And many took pictures for the defense just in case they get a ticket.

"I have to move my car."

All of which was unnecessary. The City & County of Honolulu said it would not ticket people if the meter is out of order.

"I've never done anything stupid like that so I don't understand the mind set of somebody who would do something like that," said Della Griffin, of Kaneohe.

There are theories.

"I'm sure it was somebody who has paid to park here many times and possibly even gotten a ticket here," said Jacob Holzman, of Kailua.

"There are a lot of people here after hours, but you never know who is doing it," said Darci Van Etten, Island Printing & Mail Solutions Manager.

Saturday afternoon the meters were clean. Sunday morning they were not. There are cameras in the stores but...

"I don't think they span out as far as the parking lot," said Van Etten, who also says about a week ago someone jammed washers into the coin slots to jam them up.

This lot is a public pay lot even on holidays. But being a holiday the city won't get to it until Tuesday. The Honolulu Police Department usually repairs meters.

"But then it's kind of like you luck out because you don't have to pay. Free parking today," said Griffin.

True but many feel taxpayers will eventually foot the bill.

"In the end it's kind of like biting your nose to spite your face," said Eileen Kuwaye Olszewski, of Palolo Valley.

People fear that rates will go up now.

"It wasn't too bad already. I mean it was a pain but now we have to pay more an hour I bet," said Kuwaye Olszewski.

A sticky mess all over paying 75 cents an hour to park or a $35 if you don't.

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