HPD looks for suspects who took spare keys to condo units

HPD looks for suspects who took spare keys to condo units
The Coral Strands apartments
The Coral Strands apartments
Video captures of the suspected burglars
Video captures of the suspected burglars

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Coral Strands apartments are located on Waikiki's so-called "Gold Coast" near Diamond head, where an apartment unit can cost upwards of $2 million or more. So you can imagine the uproar when burglars broke into the resident manager's office and made off with all the spare keys.

Surveillance cameras caught suspicious activity surrounding the January 14 break-in. One video shows a man and a woman in what appears to be the basement parking lot of the condo. Video from a second camera shows the pair entering a building elevator.

Honolulu Police said the two stole the spare keys to all 55 condominium units in the building.

The manager of the condo next door says his spare keys aren't kept in the office.

"Our keys for our apartment building are locked in the cabinet in the manager's office apartment. That is always locked," said Gordon Apolzer, resident manager of the Diamond Head Apartments. "It's very difficult to get into the apartment because of the security that we take pride in."

Apolzer said his building was completed in 1958. He said the 11-story Coral Strand was designed by the same architect and completed in 1961.

Both buildings have been retrofitted with surveillance cameras and other security measures that weren't necessary back in the 1960s. But those cameras are standard now.

"We've actually found people that were on our property that shouldn't have been," said Apolzer. "The information on the tapes was sent to HPD, and with that they have captured one or two of the people who were on our property that shouldn't have been there."

Apolzer also said that residents should remember to be vigilant. "Please be sure who is entering our elevators. If someone calls you from our entry phone, be sure you know who it is and you're expecting them," he said.

It's hoped that the surveillance pictures will also result in arrests in the Coral Strand break-in.

A Coral Strand resident who didn't want to appear on camera told HNN that apartment locks were changed, something that costs about $50 each if it is done by a locksmith. Another resident said that about 30 locks were changed after the theft. The resident manager was let go after the incident.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story erroneously reported that the locks to the condo units had to be changed twice. Also, not all of the units had to have their locks changed.

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