Calif. woman gets 21 months in jail for work comp fraud

Calif. woman gets 21 months in jail for work comp fraud

A federal judge has sentenced a California woman to 21 months in jail for a long-running workers comp fraud.

Hawaii News Now was first to report on the case of Lynsie Katherine Williams, who admitting taking $400,000 of her dead father's benefits for more than two decades.

"Twenty one years is a long time to run any fraud scheme. I can't say I've seen a scheme lasting that long," said FBI spokesman Tom Simon.

"Using your dead dad's money strikes me as a lousy way to honor his memory."

The mother of six apologized for her actions and said she began taking her father's benefits shortly after she lost her home and was forced to live in her car.

"I am ashamed and I'm very guilty," she said.

William's recommended sentence was just one year but Senior U.S. District Judge Helen Gillmor nearly doubled that to set an example.

"This isn't about feeling sorry for what you did, this is about discouraging others from doing this," Gillmor said.

William's case emerged after the state Department of Labor conducted an audit of its long-term disability payments.

"Frauds like this cost all of us money as taxpayers so the FBI is going to continue investigating these until it stops being a crime problem in Hawaii," said Simon.

Williams will begin serving her sentence on March 27.

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