Diamond Head landslide prompts concerns in areas nearby

Diamond Head landslide prompts concerns in areas nearby

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The owner of the home where a rock wall collapsed onto Diamond Head Road Tuesday has been given a notice of violation. Allene Wong has until May 13th to repair or replace the wall. After that, the city could fine her $50 a day. A portion of the wall crumbled on causing police to close part of the road while crews cleaned up.

No one was hurt but the concern is what if that happened in a busier area, like the trail leading down to Diamond Head Beach.

"As someone who comes here all the time is we tell everyone don't be sitting under the cliff because you see the cracks in the faultlines," said Eric McDevitt, surfer from Wilhelmina Rise. "I told four or five groups of people the other day to watch it."

Under the scenic lookout there is a cave like section and the road is hanging over.

"Walking up the trail you can see erosion right in this corner," said Aukai Cushnie, surfer from Hawaii Kai. "It's pretty drastic, pretty dramatic. Maybe once or twice a year you can see major erosion."

Already boulders have rolled down the hillside.

"Yeah it could happen. Its mother nature you're not going to stop it. No retaining wall. And the guys who do the rock fall protection have warned us all that this whole thing is brittle," said McDevitt. "Nobody cares about it until it happens."

That area is City property. It was inspected about three months ago.

"It's not undermining the road. The integrity of the road and the wall by the lookout is safe, but we are aware those conditions exist," said Mark Yonamine, Department of Design & Construction Deputy Director.

Rockslides are a risk. The city published a rockfall hazard report just over a year ago. It's also shoring up other areas in Diamond Head and elsewhere. However at the moment there are no plans for work near the lookout.

"We'll definitely monitor and make sure that nothing happens that will affect Diamondhead Road," said Yonamine.

Or the people who use it.

To read the City & County of Honolulu Rockfall Hazard Report click here.

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