EXCLUSIVE: Teacher's aide investigated for stabbing student with pencil

10pm Newscast version: EXCLUSIVE: Teacher's aide investigated for stabbing student with pencil

NIU VALLEY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Special Education teacher's aide at Niu Valley Middle School is under investigation, accused of stabbing a student with a pencil.

The incident reportedly happened Tuesday morning during an 8th grade Special Education science class in front of a teacher and several other students.

Parents of children who witnessed the alleged attack were sent a letter today, in which the Vice Principal confirms an investigation is underway.

It reads: "The complainant has alleged that the employee allegedly threw the students book and stabbed him with a pencil."

Kevin Kennedy's son was in the class when it reportedly happened.

"Apparently, one of the children wanted a drink of water. He got up without asking permission, she told him to sit back down. He didn't sit back down and then I guess they say the teacher was chasing him around the room. There may have been some things said by the student to the teacher's assistant that she didn't like. By the time they got back to his seat, she ripped all his books and threw them on the floor, grabbed a mechanical pencil and stabbed him in the back," described Kennedy.

Kennedy says he doesn't believe the student was injured seriously enough that an ambulance needed to be called, but he did require medical attention.

Kennedy says the Vice Principal did call him after the incident to notify him over the phone, but no one has been able to give him any additional information regarding the teacher aide's current employment status.

Department of Education officials say in most cases when an investigation is initiated, the employee is placed on leave.

Kennedy believes she should be fired if the allegations are true.

"This was an actual teacher's assistant, a grown-up, that is in charge of special needs kids that did something horrendous -- stabbed a child in the back with a mechanical pencil, because she couldn't control her emotions," Kennedy said, adding he thinks all the Special Education teacher aides should be re-evaluated to ensure they have the proper training.

"These children have special needs and because they have special needs sometimes they don't act perfectly but they should know how to handle them and they're not," said Kennedy.

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