Local Connection: Pay Raise for Kathryn Matayoshi?

Local Connection: Pay Raise for Kathryn Matayoshi?

By: Rick Blangiardi

It is time for our schools superintendent to be paid what she is worth.

Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi has not been given a raise in the three years since she was hired although she was rated as "exceptional" in her last job performance review.

Being a school superintendent anywhere is an extremely difficult job as you are responsible for everything from student test scores and teacher morale to school security and infrastructure.

Anything could go wrong on any number of fronts but Matayoshi has been instrumental in moving from no child left behind requirements into a new standard of accountability for students while also making sure that teachers received a fair contract.

The average salary for school superintendents in large cities is $239,000 and Matayoshi oversees more than 180,000 students in the country's ninth-largest public school district.

At $150,000, superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi is a bargain.

The average salary for a doe high school principal is $124,000 and two principals make more than Matayoshi. Nobody begrudges the principals their hard-earned income, but the superintendent deserves that and much more.

It will take the state legislature to raise the $150,000 cap and we strongly believe they need to do so, now!

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