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Your Week in Viral Videos: Children are both cute and useless

Kayden plays in the rain. (Source: Tanvir Akhtar/YouTube) Kayden plays in the rain. (Source: Tanvir Akhtar/YouTube)

(RNN) – When you're an adult, rain is awful.

You have to wear special clothes, a large set of the population doesn't know how to drive in it, it turns normal activities into miserable nightmares and it never happens at a convenient time.

However, when you're a kid, rain is fun. You get to play in the water and claim that you don't need a bath, even though you now need one even more. And when you're a 15-month-old girl named Kayden, it's the greatest thing you've ever seen in your life.

It's water falling from the sky. And your family let you go stand in it. And you liked it. And they filmed you. And they put it on the internet. Adorable.

Childless adults say the darnedest things

Cuteness in the rain aside, tiny humans really get in the way sometimes. They're disgusting, throw tantrums, force you to not eat out, cause stress and kill your spirit. However, the solution is obvious: No more tiny humans.

Sure that means life as we know it will come to a swift end, but without those annoying little monsters running around, the last days of civilization will be peaceful and stress-free. Plus we can stop wasting money on toys and education.

(WARNING: Mild language and may be offensive to people who throw baseballs back over the fence.)

Viral video game

Ever wonder what it's like to be a goat? Not anymore.

Soon to be viral

This video was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and not many people have seen it yet. That's going to change, because these four jugglers will melt your face.

Don't even bother trying to count the number of pins they're juggling, because that's an exercise in futility. Just sit back and be amazed.

Baby animal (mostly puppies) of the week

It's a corgi … on a couch.

More stuff for when you're bored

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