Campus power outage cancels, reschedules UH Manoa classes

A power outage on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus prompted officials to cancel or reschedule more than 25 classes on Friday.

An electric arc is being blamed for the massive power outage that knocking out power to eight buildings.

The affected buildings were Krauss Hall, Sakamaki Hall, Hawaii Institute for Geophysics, Art Building, Building 37, Kuykendall Hall, Bilger Hall and Bilger Addition.  Electricity was restored to the first six.  Bilger Hall and Bilger Addition were without power Friday, forcing the relocation of 16 classes and cancelation of ten others.

However, those nuisances to the students pale in comparison to the potential damage to the electrical infrastructure.

"That particular area of equipment, we're looking at what depth of it needs to be repaired or replaced," said Steve Meder, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor of Physical, Environmental and Long-Range Planning.

Preserving the scores of research requiring refrigeration were also front of mind for officials.

"Things either under pressure or at high vacuum" described Dean of the College of Natural Sciences Bill Ditto.

A machine that simulates chemical reactions in combustion in interplanetary atmospheres was being powered by a portable generator.

Despite the seemingly perilous situation, Dean Ditto said he and his colleagues have been through instances like this---and some much worse—before, and that they're well prepared.

"Right now everything seems to be stable and okay.  Like I said, they're pretty experienced in dealing with power going down for periods of time".

Electricity is expected to be returned to Bilger Hall and Bilger Addition by Monday.

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Copyright 2014 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.