Fundraiser held for former UH volleyball standout with lung cancer

Cia Goods-Fernandez
Cia Goods-Fernandez
Hedy Liu
Hedy Liu
The Fernandez Ohana
The Fernandez Ohana

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In the mid 1990s, Cia Goods-Fernandez wowed fans as a standout on the University of Hawaii women's volleyball team.

Now, she's in the toughest match of her life as the 38-year old battles stage 4 lung cancer.
She first learned about the disease in late 2012, after going to the doctor due to a nagging cough.

At the time, she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, but the cough never fully went away.
After several more appointments, she found out she had cancer that spread to both of her lungs.

The wife and mother remains upbeat while going through treatment and now, her UH ohana is stepping in to join the fight.

Hedy Liu organized a weekend fundraiser.  She played basketball at the same time as Goods-Fernandez

Liu admits they were never close in school, but nonetheless, felt driven to help.

"She's the same age as me and I hate to admit that I'm getting old, but it kind of hit home," Liu said.

"She's a mother of five young children and I can't imagine what it would be like to be in that position. So it's not very much, but I'm happy to do whatever it is that I can."

The fundraiser was a Zumba class that was held Saturday.

If you missed the event, donations can also be made at

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