Yuck! Cockroaches infest city bus

Yuck! Cockroaches infest city bus

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "Two girls fighting over a guy, really! Older women too!"  Brian, a Honolulu city bus rider, recounts the oddest thing he's seen while riding public transit.

We then handed him a photo.

"Uhh, that's gross".  What 'that' is, is a photo taken from a Hawaii News Now viewers mobile device showing an infestation of cockroaches on a city bus.  It was taken from bus 591, the 94 route to Kapolei, to be precise.

"I'm grossed out, beyond comprehension.  It's disgusting".  That's the reaction from Hyuk, who rides the bus every day to and from UH Manoa.

Hyuk was concerned that the cockroaches were still on the bus.  So were we.  We called Oahu Transit Services who told us the 'roaches had been reported, and like the bus itself, taken out of commission.

Once cleared of the infestation, the bus was returned to service.

Every day, every bus is cleaned after its shift.  That's the front-line of the cleanliness battle OTS fights regularly.

"Once a month they do go through a thorough cleaning.  Every six months all the buses are fumigated, so we have a regular pest control happening on the buses" said Michelle Kennedy of Oahu Transit Services.

Kennedy didn't try to downplay the infestation.  In fact, she welcomed the customer taking photos and videos of the critters.

"We really appreciate the assistance of our riders in making us aware of an unclean situation so we can notify our maintenance crew who can treat the problem thoroughly before putting it back into service."

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