Local Connection: Pro Bowl Victory

Local Connection: Pro Bowl Victory

By: Rick Blangiardi

We want to give credit to the NFL for their efforts to "revitalize" the pro bowl this past year with some creative, unprecedented concepts to spark fan interest.  Admittedly, football fans have always been somewhat "lukewarm" about the game because candidly, the drop off in the level of play between the teams is decidedly less than a regular season game, and when you think about the nfl playoffs, there is absolutely no comparison.

But watching Deion Sanders, the former Dallas Cowboy, and his longtime nemesis, the legendary Jerry Rice of the 49ers, play their roles to perfection, by drafting their own teams, and smack talking while they were at it was fun and interesting.

There was a great crowd at the stadium who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the game and the experience despite the rain, and a very large national television audience on the mainland that tuned in as well.

All things considered, the players seemed t enjoy the innovative coaching and rule changes, the fans had a good time, and even though it rained for most of the game, NBC managed to showcase the beauty and appeal of our beautiful state to the millions of viewers on the mainland.

If the NFL decides to continue with the pro bowl, let's hope the game will have a long run in Hawaii.

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