Bruno Mars fans without tickets blame scalpers

Bruno Mars fans without tickets blame scalpers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ticket-less Bruno Mars fans believe scalpers got preferential treatment to buy tickets for the three upcoming Hawaii concerts.

"They should split the Blaisdell," says Louie Ferreira, "half to the people (who) are physically here, the other half to people who want to (buy) online."

Ferreira got tickets but understands why those who didn't are angry.  Especially because hundreds of tickets are available on re-sale websites, asking double face-value.

Tom Moffatt of Tom Moffatt Productions says tickets were available to everyone: online, by phone, and in person, at the same time.

All three concerts sold out in less than three hours.  Moffatt says the majority of tickets were bought in Hawaii.  He says rumors of mainland scalpers scooping up hundreds of tickets at a time are not true.  But Moffatt does say there are ways these people cheat the system.  He says computer experts may be able to get into the system faster.   Once they are in, they can buy tickets using several different names and credit cards.  Moffatt says there's no evidence of that happening, but it is possible.

Moffatt is waiting to hear from Bruno Mars' people to see if the Hawaii born singer could add a fourth show.

If that happens, the company may consider opening ticket sales to Hawaii residents first.  It's been done in other states, only people with that states zip codes can purchase the tickets,  but even that system has it's flaws.