Surveillance video catches street assault

Surveillance video catches street assault
A surveillance video freeze frame shows the moment after a man was hit in an apparent assault
A surveillance video freeze frame shows the moment after a man was hit in an apparent assault

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Imagine showing up at work one morning and finding bloodstains on the sidewalk and the front door of your office. That's precisely what happened recently at a Kakaako business.

"Friday morning, 7 a.m.," said a worker at the business, which asked that their identities be hidden. "I noticed there was a lot of blood on our sidewalk and right outside our door."

How those bloodstains got there would be a mystery, except that the business installed surveillance cameras two months ago. Two of those cameras are stationed near the doorway.

"I didn't have time that morning to view our security video and I actually didn't get a chance until this morning, Saturday, to look at it," he said.

The video shows two men, talking and drinking beers, just outside the door Thursday night. They've been drinking for some time when the two apparently begin to argue. One man puts his beer down and punches the other man in the face. He falls to the ground.

The aggressor then takes the beer bottles and empties them out, and then exchanges more words with the other man, who is still sitting on the ground.

The victim eventually gets up. Five minutes later, a woman has shown up. Once again, words are exchanged, and the man, once again, puts down a beer and hits the other man a second time.

This time, the victim's head hits the door frame, hard. The aggressor appears to talk angrily at the victim for a few more moments, and then hits him in the head a third time.

"My initial reaction was, a little on the horrifying side," said the worker. "It certainly jerked me into reality that something not good was definitely happening."

Things calm down and sheriff's deputies show up to investigate. The aggressor was questioned but not arrested, while the victim was apparently taken to the hospital for treatment.

It's not known if the men involved are homeless, but the assault caught on camera comes after violent incidents involving homeless people. In the most recent incident, two apparently homeless men were treated for stab wounds sustained in a early-morning Friday attack on Kapahulu Avenue.

Police now have a copy of Thursday night's surveillance video, and are investigating.

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