EXCLUSIVE: Roosevelt suspect to leave hospital, receive treatment

EXCLUSIVE: Roosevelt suspect to leave hospital

The 17-year-old shot by police at Roosevelt High School is leaving the hospital, but he's not going home.

Attorney Eric Seitz said the boy will be transferred to Queen's Adult Psychiatric Unit while police continue their investigation.

From there, he's likely headed to the mainland where he can get more appropriate treatment for mental illness, Seitz said.

"In my opinion, they should have had that happen a lot time ago and we wouldn't have had this weeks events occur," Seitz said.

"All the parties are now working on the premise that we need to find a suitable psychiatric facility for him and clearly there is nothing in Hawaii that will serve his needs."

Police shot the boy after he punched two officers and slashed a third with a large knife. His attorney says the boy -- who suffers from bouts of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses -- poses a danger to the public and himself when he's not on medications or receiving treatment.

But Seitz also says the state botched his client's treatment plan.

"He's been in and out of facilities, he's escaped from facilities," Seitz said.

"They talk about finding other places for him and nobody follows through and does that. They put him on meds but nobody monitors or ensures whether the meds are actually taken."

Moving the boy to the mainland still requires approval from a Family Court judge since the suspect is still a minor.

And it will likely cost tens of thousands of dollar -- a medical bill that's likely to be footed by taxpayers.

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