Maui authorities might cremate unclaimed bodies

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - Maui authorities say they plan to cremate four bodies being held at the county morgue unless someone steps forward to claim their remains.

The Maui News says no one has claimed the remains of 51-year-old Robin Ray Landsness, 60-year-old Christine Boyd, 51-year-old Roselie Miller and 48-year-old Richard Len Anglin.

Landsness died Dec. 9. Boy died Dec. 13. Miller died Dec. 24 and Anglin died Jan. 5.

The deaths of Landsness, Boyd and Anglin were unattended. Miller died in a traffic collision in Lahaina, and police are working through the Philippine consulate to try to locate his family members.

According to police, if the remains are not claimed by relatives or others, the bodies will be cremated within 90 days or shortly afterward.

Information from: The Maui News,

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