Teen's mom says police shooting was excessive

Mother: Police shooting was excessive

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The day after her son was shot by police, the mother of the 17-year-old now believes that the use of force was excessive.

"I do feel that it was unjustified. They should have used tasers. They were on a school campus. My son doesn't possess a gun," she said.

Shereen, a single mother of three, said with her son's history of mental illness and drug use, the police presence just inflamed the situation.

Police shot the boy Monday morning after he stabbed one of the officers with a knife and punched two of them in the face.

The mother said the entire incident could have been avoided had her son received adequate mental health treatment.

The boy had been in and out of several detention centers and mental health institutions over the past two years. He's also had a number of legal run-in in Family Court and was ordered detained at the Queen's Family Center until he escaped about two weeks ago.

His mother says she filed a number of missing persons reports with police over the past several months. The most recent report was filed just hours before the boy was shot, during one of his psychotic bouts at her Nuuanu home.

"He was in the house and he was losing control, he was yelling next to my neighbors house. It was pretty scary," she said.

The boy remains at Queen's where doctors on Monday night removed a bullet from his wrist.

The mother said that police have kept her from seeing her son and speaking to him by phone, even though she's his legal guardian.

"My son is a minor. I'm his mom and he just got shot by police. I should be able to see my son," she said.

The boy's mother has hired an attorney so she can get access to her son and ensure that he now gets the proper medical treatment.

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