Ants invade Mililani Mauka apartment complex

Ants invade Mililani Mauka apartment complex

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Christina Frolik has lived in Northpointe at Mililani Mauka for more than three years. She said during all of that time her apartment has been overrun by ants. Not the occasional straggler but legions of ants that get into her three-bedroom unit through multiple entry points.

"Ceiling fans, electric sockets, behind the TV, window sills, air conditioning, light fixtures," she said.

The insects sneak into the showers through air vents and climb onto Frolik's beds.

"All that tickling in the night. I thought it was my hair or something. No. It was ants crawling on us," she said.

Hundreds of them invaded her daughter's electronic keyboard.

"One day it was up against the wall and they just walked right on it," she said.

Frolik said she has spent hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter ant poisons and treatments, to no avail.

"We used Raid. We used Terro. We used chalk," she said.

She's even used numerous organic treatments. Her neighbors are also being pestered. A family downstairs has ants climbing through the foundation under their carpets. Frolik has followed the ant trails outside and been blown away by what she has seen.

"Thousands of ants. Thousands! I've never seen so many ants before in my life," she said.

Frolik has pleaded with the property management at Northpointe to treat the grounds around her building and not just spray the area. She said that's not happening.

"I want them to take it seriously. I want them to believe us. I want them to be pro-active in stopping this," she said.

The property manager declined Hawaii News Now's interview request but did say she would send an exterminator to check it out. In the meantime, Frolik said she can't even use her air conditioners because ants camp out there.

"If you turn it on you get a faceful of ants," she said.

Until a real solution is found Frolik's home sweet home will remain an ant trap. It's no wonder she is feeling antsy.

"When I go to bed I lie awake and I make sure I don't see anything crawling on the walls. Nothing is coming out of the fan," she said.

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