Kauai dairy farm aims to be operational next year

WAIPOULI, Hawaii (AP) - Owners and operators of a planned dairy farm on Kauai say they hope to be producing milk for customers next year if all goes well.

Ulupono Initiative Director of Communications Amy Hennessey told the Kauai Economic Development Board on Tuesday that Hawaii Dairy Farms hopes to break ground in the spring if it receives the required building permits.

The Garden Island reports Hawaii Dairy Farms will be situated on more than 580 acres in Mahaulepu near Koloa.

Seventy percent of dairy cows' diet will be grass and 30 percent will be grain.

Ulupono Initiative is the project's sole investor. Ulupono is funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. It aims to increase Hawaii's local food production and clean energy and reduce the state's waste.

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