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Talent agency owner questions possible imposter during phone call

Anthony Colley says he plans to speak with Shreveport detectives on Friday. Anthony Colley says he plans to speak with Shreveport detectives on Friday.

A local talent agency owner says a man has been posing as an employee of her business and not only requesting, but also taking nude pictures of aspiring models.

Darcel Moreno, owner of the Darcel Moreno Talent Agency, says she got a phone call from a model asking about a contract the model had with a man who she sent naked photos to and who claimed to be part of the Moreno Talent Agency.

But Moreno says the man, who identifies himself as Anthony Colley, does not work for her agency.  She says Colley sent emails to the model claiming to be from the Sparacino Talent Agency and the Carleone Talent Agency.

Moreno says Colley made up those agencies and told the model those agencies were a branch of the Moreno Agency,"These young girls go out for a dream and they think that's it's true and then they end up with nothing. They lose some kind of self respect because they have nude photos out there. We don't know if they are going to be on the Internet," says Moreno.

In a phone call with KSLA News 12 on Wednesday, Colley denied any involvement.  "I don't even own a camera. Like I said, whoever is putting my name out there....she needs...they need to provide proof to me that I was in Shreveport. They can't do that."

But, Moreno says she recorded a phone call with Colley on Wednesday afternoon which leads her to believe that he was wasn't being truthful.

This is the text from a portion of the cell phone exchange between Moreno and Colley:

(MORENO)-"Just apologize and promise you'll never do it again."

(MORENO)- "What made you decide to use me anyway?"

(COLLEY)- "To be honest I'm not really sure."

(MORENO)"Was it because I had a talent agency and it was just easy?"

(COLLEY) "Something..something to that effect. I think I can say that."

After listening to that conversation we again reached out to Colley and asked if wanted to respond to the latest phone call.

He did confirm that he spoke to Moreno but did not want to discuss the details of the conversation. He says he plans to spoke with detectives in Shreveport on Friday.

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