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State's shark expert pleads guilty to child porn

Randy Honebrink Randy Honebrink
Alicia Kozakiewicz Alicia Kozakiewicz

The state's shark expert today pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge.

In a plea deal, 58-year-old Randy Honebrink admitted that he possessed two pornographic images of children on his computer.

"He took responsibility for what he had on his computer and it's as simple as that. There have been a number of cases where they had thousands of images. In this case, he had two images," his attorney William Harrison said.

Harrison said the children in the pictures were not engaging in sexual activity and none of them appeared to be injured.

Honebrink works as an educational specialist with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources and is often quoted by the media when there's a shark attack.

His case stemmed from an international child pornography investigation out of Canada that netted more than 500 arrests.

But in court today, prosecutors said they were unable to prove that Honebrink purchased any of the images from the Canadian outfit.

He will be sentenced in May and faces up to 10 years in prison. DLNR said he remains on the state's payroll pending his sentencing.

The case comes as state law makers are looking to crack down on child sex crimes.

State Sen. Will Espero, D-Waipahu, introduced a measure to create a fund for more child pornography investigators. That fund will be paid for by a $10 fine for criminals convicted of child porn crimes.

Currently, the state law enforcement only has two investigators for these crimes.

"This is certainly a big problem in our state and also nationally. I was told by the Attorney General's office that they have at least 130 peer-to-peer investigations ... per month," Espero said during a news conference today.

Espero was joined by Alicia Kozakiewicz, who was abducted from her home in Pennsylvania when she was 13.

"I was raped. Tortured. Chained to the floor. My degradation was shared on streaming video," she said.

The perpetrator is now serving 20 years and Kozakiewicz travels around the country, pushing for tougher laws.

"They are doctors teachers, clergymen your neighbor, perhaps your own family maybe secretly viewing, secretly trading these horrific pictures," she said.


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