Brittany Jane Royal murder solved

Brittany Jane Royal murder solved: 6 pm report
Brittany Jane Royal
Brittany Jane Royal
Boaz "Bo" Johnson
Boaz "Bo" Johnson

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - The mystery surrounding the May 27th murder of Brittany Jane Royal was put to rest by Hilo Police at a press conference.

Assistant Police Chief Henry Tavares announced, "We have determined she was murdered by Boaz Johnson."

Brittany's father Ted Royal was in attendance and said, "I've been looking forward to this day for 7 and a half months."

Royal's parents are relieved to finally know the truth, although tough to hear-- that their pregnant daughter was killed by her boyfriend.

Her mother Julie Spahn Royal told us by phone from California, "When it's somebody who knew her, loved her, and was going to be father to her child. It's heartbreaking."

Police say Johnson wrote a three page confession note, days after killing his girlfriend that explained everything.

It was found near his body on January 2nd in a remote grove of trees a mile and a half away from where the couple camped in May.

DNA tests confirmed the body found was Johnson and that the note was in his writing.

Tavares said, "He confessed to strangling Brittany while in a domestic dispute and to throwing her body in the ocean. He also indicated his intent to end his own life."

He added, "The rope used to strangle Brittany and rope Boaz used to hang himself was very similar."

Over the past few months, notes popped up around the Island that indicated Bo was a victim too.

Ted Royal thanked police for determining who really killed his daughter and unborn grandchild, a baby Brittany planned to name 'Io.'

Royal said, "Thank you to all. One evil act will never ruin the aloha spirit we have received and that Brittany so loved."

Jerry Spahn, Brittany's granddad read this message from her mom Julie, "Brittany, fly my little bird be free. Io, soar like a hawk. Gone, but not forgotten."

The news was tough for Brittany's family, but they say they're glad it's over. They're worn out by the long wait for the truth.

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