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"One Man's Dream One Woman's Reality" - The True Story of a Six-Year Sailing Adventure

(Hawaii News Now) - Sharon Reed-Hendricks' new book entitled "One Man's Dream One Woman's Reality", explores the challenges and rewards of embarking on a six-year sailing trip halfway around the world, told from the perspective of a husband and wife.  Part adventure, part travel, part love story, the reader is challenged to be inspired to live their dream, even if limited by time and budget.

In August of 1999, Steve and Sharon Hendricks set sail from Washington State to sail the world aboard their 37-foot sailboat, "Poet's Place."  This is the story of their six-year journey down the West Coast, through Mexico, Central and South America and the South Pacific.  They tell about the storm that almost devastated the trip and the pirate encounter off Columbia.  They describe the beautiful enchanting islands and countries they visited and the wonderful people they met along the way.  Told from both their perspectives, each spouse tells vividly how difficult it can be sailing on a boat for weeks on end in the open sea with only each other to keep them company.

Through their stories of love and patience, Steve and Sharon explain how important it is to live your dream at any age and how the challenges they faced made them stronger, touching them throughout their lives.  A story of beauty and determination, "One Man's Dream One Woman's Reality" is inspiration for us all to live in the moment. Each chapter includes a poem written by Sharon, expressing how living your dream can be applied to our everyday lives.

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