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As colder temperatures move in, some still recovering from last deep freeze


Many took advantage of the warmer weather on Monday, but temperatures are dipping to below freezing on Tuesday and will remain that way for most of the week.

Those still cleaning up from the last deep freeze have a warning for others.

Kim Mayes is one of those people. She came home to water everywhere after a pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom two weeks ago.

"The ceiling was down, insulation was everywhere. Anything that was on the walls had fallen to the ground. Pretty much covered in insulation and water," she said.

Mayes says the sprinkler system pipes in the attic froze, which led to about 1,000 gallons of water spilling throughout her home.

"It was literally raining inside the house," she said.

Mayes said they tried their best to prepare for the cold.

"We left our cabinet doors open and the water trickling in all of our sinks all night long, so we thought, 'We're covered,'" she said.

Mayes says a handful of homeowners in their neighborhood saw similar damage.

Plumber Joseph West with Hiller Plumbing, Heating and Cooling says he helped many residents with their frozen pipes during the last cold snap.

"Usually when people have standing water, they don't run the water like they're supposed to and let it drip. Then, you get the freeze, and many times on copper, it freezes, expands out and busts the copper pipe," West said.

West says to make sure to leave cabinet doors open and check that pipes are properly insulated.

These are all tips Mayes hopes others will follow so they don't face similar issues.

"People just need to take what precautions they can on their own to make sure that those pipes are insulated everywhere," she said.

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