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New Details: Teen found dead in Berea group home

Kenny Barkley Kenny Barkley

It all went down inside an Ohio Guidestone Group Home in Berea after 15-year old Kenny Barkley was restrained by a care worker on Tuesday of last week and taken to the floor in a bear hug after claims Kenny attacked the care worker.   

A second employee called 911.

Caller: Kenny is just on the floor.

Dispatcher: Kenny is on the floor?  Is he injured?

Caller: Is he injured? He is just laying there.

Dispatcher: He is just laying there?

The initial 911 call lasts almost three minutes as police are already on their way.

Dispatcher: Everything going to be alright until they get there -- you think?

Caller: Yes. I think so.  

Five minutes later a second 911 call telling dispatch Kenny is unconscious.

Dispatcher: Why is he unconscious?

Caller: he got into an altercation with another staff.   

An additional five minutes after the second 911 call police arrive. They find Kenny on the floor.  Their report states blood around his mouth and nose.  

A patrolmen can't find a pulse and starts CPR.

In an exclusive interview with 19 Action News Kenny's mom wants some answers.

Ranita Simmons says, "I just need some answers.  What happened to my baby -- what happened to my baby and why?"

Ohio Guidestone Group home officials expressed their grief on camera last week but now won't hand over to 19 Action News documentation of their care worker's child restraint or CPR training certification.

They do say their staff is certified beyond state guidelines but won't confirm or deny if any of their staff started CPR on Kenny before police arrived.

The police report shows witnesses say Kenny sounded like he was snoring on the floor and stopped breathing right before officers arrived.  

So far no wrongdoing has been found but Berea police are investigating.

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