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Local man shows off collection of Bigfoot 'evidence'

A TV5 artist's rendering of Bigfoot, AKA Momo, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie ... A TV5 artist's rendering of Bigfoot, AKA Momo, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie ...

By Alana Holland

While it is still up for debate whether Bigfoot exists, one local man says he's seen him several times.

Midland County's Anthony Padilla claims that not only is the legendary creature roaming the woods of Mid-Michigan, he's actually been living on his property for years.

The Michigan State Police are refusing to investigate the sightings, so TV5 decided to see first-hand what the claims were all about.

"At first, I just thought it was a huge man in a Ghillie suit," explained Padilla, who says he's not crazy, but believes he's been sharing his Midland County property with none other than Sasquatch.

"So then, I look into his face, right dead in his eyes, and they were so red they looked like they were full of blood, like a man on his deathbed," said Padilla.

Padillo says he's been trying to prove that Bigfoot exists for years. He cities his collection of evidence; items like footprints, broken branches, and even droppings.

Padilla said he's trying to catch the Sasquatch by putting food into pizza boxes. He says in the morning there's no tip, but the boxes are folded or rolled. TV5 asked Padilla what Bigfoot likes to eat – according to him, Mexican or Chinese.  

Padilla recently reached out to Matthew Smith Jr. who happens to be a big foot researcher. Who says he's not ready to sign off on Padilla's claims.

"We look into investigations very carefully because sometimes people could be trying to pull a prank," said Smith Jr. "Many people have claimed [that] a big hairy creature [ran] across the road, so there's [something] going on up there. Whether it's Bigfoot, I can't say."

So is Sasquatch real or is Padilla trying to take advantage of the hype sparked by the new television show on Spike-TV called "The $10 million-dollar Bigfoot Bounty?"

But Padilla says his 'squatch is the real deal. "I Believe I can ‘out-Bigfoot' anyone on this Earth! It's like, I don't even have to try, he just gives it to me," responds Padilla.

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