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Flashlight helps deputies find man stuck in bed for five days

CALLOWAY COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A man who had been incapacitated his bed for five days was found by Calloway County Sheriff's deputies during a welfare check.

A man who lived in Illinois called the Calloway County Sheriff's Office requesting a welfare check on his father who lives on Irvin Cobb Road in Calloway County.

The father's vehicle was in the driveway.

Deputies could see a television and some lights on in the house.

After a short time, deputies saw a light moving inside the home.

Deputies used their flashlight to check through windows and doors. That's when they noticed the flashlight shining on the inside walls that followed the deputy's lights.

The man was able to answer a deputy's question asking if he needed medical help by waving his flashlight up and down.

Deputies found the man in his bed with a flashlight. He was unable to move or speak clearly.  When asked how long he had been on the bed, he held up five fingers to indicate five days.

The man was taken to the Murray Calloway County Emergency Room for treatment.

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