EXCLUSIVE: Waianae man's close shark encounter

EXCLUSIVE: Waianae man's close shark encounter

Adrian Hose said he's encountered tiger sharks about six times in his life, but never this close and never caught it on camera.

The Waianae resident met up with the 12-foot tiger while spear fishing about 200 yards off of Makua Beach on Saturday afternoon.

"I was kind of thinking, how is this shark going to react? Is it going to attack or play calm," he said.

"He seemed pretty calm so I stayed in there and filmed him."

Hose was in the water next to his kayak when the shark came up on him from behind and began to circle him, apparently showing interest in the octopus and fish that he had just speared.

The shark came as close as ten feet away and Hose said he kept a wary eye on the shark, pointing his spear gun in its direction.

I wouldn't pull the trigger unless he attacked," he said.

The experience lasted about two minutes but Hose said he will remember it for a long time thanks to his Go-Pro camera.

"I think we need sharks we have to respect sharks. That's their territory," he said.

The shark run-in occurred not too far away from another close shark encounter that his friend Jonny Pestana caught on camera last year. That time the shark got away with the friend's catch.

It also wasn't too far way from this scene where Isaac Brumaghim lost his fish to a 12-foot tiger.

But while most people would be shaken by the experience, Hose was back in the ocean today just off of Hawaii Kai. But he was a little more respectful after his experience Saturday.

"Today, I was a little cautious, looking around my shoulders," he said.

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