USGS geologist educates community about Mauna Loa

March 25, 1984
March 25, 1984

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - A Hawaii Volcano Observatory geologist says it's important to be prepared for when the world's largest active volcano erupts again.

U.S. Geological Survey geologist Frank Trusdell says while Mauna Loa may not appear ready to erupt any time soon, Big Island residents should be prepared.

It's most recent eruption three decades ago sent lava within miles of Hilo. Trusdell says it'll erupt again but the question is when.

West Hawaii Today reported Friday that dozens of people packed the Ocean View Community Center in Kau for the geologist's presentation titled, "Mauna Loa: How Well Do You Know the Volcano in Your Backyard?"

Scientists estimate that depending on the location of Mauna Loa's eruption, it would take lava three hours to reach the South Kona shoreline.

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