"Cold" is a relative term in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Rain, hail and a lack of humidity led to cold temperatures on Oahu Sunday night and Monday morning, leaving many people frigid.

"It was freezing".

"I didn't want to go outside it was too cold".

"I actually covered up last night".

Those sentiments, just some a sampling of the reaction we received to those low (60's) temperatures.

Legendary waterman China Uemura suffered through his morning walk.

"I had a jacket, and I had a coat [over it], and I did my walk and I was still freezing". Of course, China wasn't helping himself out by not wearing full length pants.

"I don't own pants" he said with a chuckle.

However, some tourists arriving from parts of the mainland, where temperatures are reaching record lows in many areas, aren't forgiving.

"Cold is a bit strong" said Jacyln Smith, who's in town from St. Louis. "Minus 40 degrees with the windchill and record breaking temps" is how the weather was in St Louis when she left.

Ryan and Alina, on their honeymoon from Toronto, described a similar situation.

"Minus 33, with the windchill. That's celsius" he clarified.

That equates to almost 60 degrees below freezing in Fahrenheit.

How did these tourists describe our 'cold'?

"Chilly, not too bad".

"It was nice, it cooled it down a little bit, kept it kinda balanced".


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