Erosion creates cliff at Sunset Beach public access

SUNSET BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The swells that swept sand from Sunset Beach also ripped away the foundation of the nearest beach access to Rocky Point. The erosion created a cliff at the end of the access trail.

"Especially at night if you can't see it you're just going to drop," Rocky Point resident Kim Franks said.

The drop-off is about ten feet.

"It's very dangerous. An emergency vehicle cannot get down there easily," Alice Lunt said..

Her home borders the public right of way. She and her neighbors tried to make it easier for people to get up and down, and hopefully lessen the chance someone will fall and get injured.

"We constructed a ladder so that we would have access. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to. You'd have to just jump," she said.

Some people frustrated by what nature did to their properties are also irritated authorities didn't post more permanent warnings alerting people of the sudden drop off, especially with children in the area.

"They shouldn't be anywhere near this area to be honest. If little kids aren't supervised they could say, 'Let's climb up here.' None of that's safe to even be around," Franks said.

The city said it did put up caution tape but someone took it down. Lunt hopes in the short term authorities push sand to the access point to create a slope to the shoreline.

"It just doesn't seem like they're being stewards of their beach. They're just letting it go away," she said.

Monday afternoon the city re-installed yellow caution warning tape over the mouth of the access. On Tuesday the City Parks Department will put up a warning sign.

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