City cleans Aiea eyesore after HNN report

City cleans Aiea eyesore after HNN report

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In an update of a story brought to you first by Hawaii News Now, City crews today cleaned up a large abandoned homeless encampment under the Halewiliko Street bridge in Aiea.

On December 24, Hawaii News Now was given a tour of the site by area resident Tina Quizon.  Quizon discovered the sita, and said she had been notifying City and State officials for months about the trash.  However, no action was ever taken.

Department of Facility Maintenance Ross Sasamura said that complaints are normally investigated within 24 hours.

While the two disagree on when the complaints were received, they both agree on the need to get the mess cleaned up.

"There is always concerns we have about any kind of waste.  Whether it be chemical waste or human waste" said Sasamura.  Adding to the concern is the location of where the site was.

"The concern was for the stream, the water, there's a school here, it's a's just things you don't want occurring" said Quizon.

Director Sasamura said that if you should notice any large trashpiles or illegal homeless encampments you can call the Facility Maintenance Department at 808-768-3343.

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