Local Connection: Shoji to Return

Local Connection: Shoji to Return

By: Rick Blangiardi

Our first wish for 2014 has already come true -- when Dave Shoji recently tweeted from Europe he has decided to return as head coach of the Rainbow Wahine volleyball team for another season - his 40th.

His decision has brought smiles and relief to all the Wahine volleyball fans everywhere - except the competition.  Congratulations and Mahalo, Dave!

Gib Arnold leads his men's basketball team into 2014 with a very solid 10 and 3 record and promises to be very competitive in the big west conference.

Laura Beamer's Rainbow Wahine basektball team is currently more than holding their own against very formidable opponents with a 6-6 record.  They should also be very competitive in the big west conference.

Mike Trepasso's baseball team and Bob Coolen's Rainbow Wahine softball team should create more than a favorable buzz this spring, both with solid rosters.

If there is one big wish out there for the 2014 sports scene at uh, it would be for the rainbow warrior football team.  There is no need to recant the litany of challenges facing the coaches and players from key staffing and recruiting needs, to facing another very difficult and challenging schedule - especially early on in the season.

Our best wishes to coach chow and his staff and team for great success in the face of a very challenging scenario; and to all of you out there who support our teams through the good times and bad - Mahalo!

Let's hope 2014 becomes a year of miracles!

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