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House Fire Kills Maui Woman

Courtesy: Forrest Treadwell Courtesy: Forrest Treadwell
Courtesy: Forrest Treadwell Courtesy: Forrest Treadwell
KIHEI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

KIHEI, MAUI (Hawaii News Now)- Police have identified the victim of an early morning house fire on Maui as the homeowner, 77 year old Hazel Jones.


A startling sound and smell jolted Kihei residents out of their beds at 5:43 this morning.


Jones' next door neighbor Monique Dias told Hawaii News Now, "We were sleeping and we heard this big boom! Then this overwhelming smell of smoke just engulfed our house."


Dias raced to get out, worried that the raging fire would reach her home, separated by a tree. She added, "The house that had caught on fire had actually caught on fire through a monkeypod tree that covers part of our lot so they were obviously concerned that our house would be engulfed in it."


The flames gutted the 23-hundred square foot home owned by Hazel Jones before firefighters could put it out. They found her body inside.


The cause is undetermined. Investigators say it may be a tragic accident.


Neighbors initially thought the loud commotion was Jones taking the trash out.

But, say that would have been out of character because she always did it the night before.


Dias remarked, "That kind of aroused our interest that she might be in there. We were hoping for the best." Still shaken, she added, "It was scary and we couldn't really do anything."


Dias is devastated that her neighbor was killed, but she's also grateful that her house was spared. "Our house luckily had no damage. We had some good rain this morning. Some pretty heaven rain. Thank the lord."


Neighbors say Jones lived in the 3 bedroom home by herself. Damage to the structure and contents is 300-thousand dollars.


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