Lawsuit filed by mom of Kailua girl in coma after dentist trip

Lawsuit filed by mom of Kailua girl in coma after dentist trip

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ashley Boyle trusted a Kailua dentist, but, now says she's convinced there was negligence administering sedatives, and monitoring her daughter's breathing that put 3 year old Finley in a coma.

As a result, her once smiling daughter Finley may die any day now. "We were all just waiting for her to wake up, but" said her mom Ashley, she's now preparing for the inevitable death of her daughter after a trip to the dentist that ended with Finley in a coma.

Hawaii News Now obtained a copy of the 911 call. Here's the exchange:

Operator: "What's wrong today?" 

Caller: "A child is not breathing … she is under sedation."

Operator: "Are you guys doing CPR?"

Caller: "Um, yes, we have a doctor here."

That's the December 3rd 911 call after Finley went to doctor Lily Geyer at Island Dentistry for Children in Kailua.

She was there to have four root canals, and ten cavities filled but stopped breathing after reportedly receiving the maximum dose of 5 different drugs.

Boyle's attorney Richard Fried said, "In combination, it's grossly excessive."

Fried cited standards from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. There's a clear warning about dosing young children, monitoring every 5 minutes, and having an extra person to provide help in case resuscitation is needed.

Geyer's own records-- and request for CPR from a neighboring pediatrician indicate there was neither.

Ashley Boyle is a Castle Medical Center nurse and says of her daughter's condition, "just by the amount of brain damage she had and they realized 26 minutes later, oh she's not breathing."

Just one month after Finley was smiling at the beach, she's struggling to breathe, and her mom, has decided not to resuscitate her. In Boyle's words, "She's going to be in a bed with pneumonia, getting turned every few hours. Our bodies can live on forever and I don't believe in. I'm a quality of life person. She wouldn't want that.

"To see her go from a happy healthy 3 year old to going through puberty in a diaper, 15 years later is not a choice I was going to make," she added.

Boyle now questions whether the work was even needed. They've heard from other patients who got second opinions. "In every case, the treatment was either totally unnecessary or somewhat unnecessary" says Fried.

A "massive tragedy" that Boyle says "they will have to deal with for the rest of our lives."

Boyle says other mothers have contacted her, saying their kids had trouble walking a few days after getting work done by Dr. Geyer. In response, they were reportedly told it was just the anesthesia wearing off.

We called Dr. Geyer's office for comment, but only reached voicemail.

Meanwhile, Kama`aina Kids is hosting a fundraiser for Finley Boyle, through all of their locations statewide.  Finley was enrolled at the Kama`aina Kids preschool location in Enchanted Lakes, Kailua.  The children and families at the school are saddened and want to help support their classmate. The company has set up a fund to help defray costs for the family as the mother had to quit work in order to be by her child's side.

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