City announces new tow contract

City announces new tow contract

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The City and County of Honolulu announced a new tow contract Thursday.  The three year deal, with a two-year option, is with All Island Automotive Towing.  All Island will now handle all Honolulu Police Department initiated tows.

The previous contract, with Leeward Auto Wreckers, has been dissolved.

Department of Customer Service Director Sheri Kajiwara stressed a need for transparency and consumer confidence in selecting the winning bid.

All Island boasts electronic invoicing which eliminates human error in computations, as well as GPS in all of its tow trucks to ensure customers aren't being overcharged for mileage.

Additionally, Kajiwara pointed to improved oversight by the City and County.

"In the past we issued the contract and then we just allowed the vendor to proceed as stated in the contract.  We need to have closer oversight.  We do have a team of people that will be monitoring, auditing the invoices, going down inspecting the site, making sure all the terms of the contract are in place as they were meant to be".

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